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Play with Yoleni’s and win!

Για το άρθρο στα Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ
Our dear friends, last week we talked to you about a surprise we wanted to make! It is time to reveal our secret! The top online delicatessen Yoleni’s that brings at your doorstep the best regional products from all over Greece, is inviting us to play a game and win. All you have to do is browse through the Yoleni’s website, choose 4 products you would love us to use in our next recipes and leave a comment with your favorite products here or in our facebook page. A lucky guy will receive the top 4 products and we are going to cook recipes that contain them in the next month.

CAUTION: You will choose from these categories: delicacies (except for snails and tuna), pasta, cheese, bakery, honey&nuts, pastries, herbs.(No meat-fish since we cook vegetarian and vegan)
If you want your entry to be valid:
1) leave a comment here or on our facebook post mentioning 4 products
2) write down your email
We are curious to see which products will intrigue  you the most! Who will be the lucky one to receive 4 amazing Yoleni’s products?
The game starts today and will finish on the 25th of July at 0:00pm
Good luck, everyone!

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