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A love story : my prince and my marathon

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τρέξιμο στην παραλία

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in solitude. Days went by without meaning and she wished she could find her prince. Unfortunately she kept meeting the wrong guys, so she decided to live alone hoping that some day her prince would come. She took up running, trying to find a way to feel better. Indeed running gave so much to her. Running in nature, listening to the music of rain, enjoying her dog’s company, simple daily things made her happy and she learned to be grateful for what she had and not to complain for what she had not.

αγώνας δρόμου

Until one day after the first race she participated she met the man of her dreams! He was sitting right beside her in the bus travelling back to her city after the race. God had finally heard her prayers. She knew at once that he was the one! Ever since they are together, united, serene and blissful! He even became her trainer and led her successfully to the finish line of her first marathon! They ran side by side 42km and finished a fantastic race (Athens Authentic Marathon). The body does what the mind orders it!

My precious Kostas, you are the prince I have always dreamt! Thank for running the marathon of life with me!

I dedicate this post to the lonely souls who read me. Don’t lose faith! Believe in the abbundance of the universe. Dreams come true eventually if you have faith!

ιστορία αγάπης

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