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9 και 1 σκέψεις για την εγκυμοσύνη

10 thoughts about pregnancy and the giveaway winners

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Good morning, dear friends! Today there is no cooking! Just a few thoughts about my pregnancy. This is a sacred and wonderful period in the life of every woman. Get a cup of coffee and off we go!

Chapter “Sleep”: well no complaints about that! My baby boy has never bothered me and I have never had shortness of breath during my pregnancy. The tough thing is to get up. I always sleep on my side with two pillows and whenver I want to get up, I use my elbow to support the weight of my body.

Chapter “My big fat belly”: whatever is under my belly is invisible and inaccesible. Can’t shave, can’t tie my laces, can’t pick up something that’s on the floor… The weight I have gained is gathered in my belly which means that my center of gravity has changed and sometimes I lose my balance. I often call my hubby to pull  me up!



Chapter “Hound Dog Smell Ability”:my pregnancy nose can smell everything! I detect the kind and source of smell right away and with great accuracy! For example “our neighbour is frying liver!”

Chapter “Backache”: the weight I have gained is a burden for my back and ever since I was 7 months pregnant walking or standing has become difficult for me. I ran my first marathon 1 year ago and ironically now I can’t even walk for a few meters! Hard to believe, isn’t it? I also walk like a duck. I think I am very funny!

Chapter “Cravings”: when I was younger I used to be fat, so during my pregnancy I didn’t want to gain much weight. I wanted to nourish myself right and give my baby all the right nutrients but I had no intention to eat for 2! Some women consider pregnancy an excuse to eat whatever they want and gain lots of pounds. It is a matter of personal choice. I had no (weird) cravings at all. The only thing that I noticed is that I ate lots of legumes and soups.


Chapter “Hormone Party”: my hormones are throwing a non stop party all these months. I experience every feeling to its maximum. I get overwhelmed with joy, sorrow, anger so easily! And I have become very sensitive, I cry so often and for the pettiest of reasons! Can’t control it!

9 και 1 σκέψεις για την εγκυμοσύνη - 10 thoughts about pregnancy

Chapter Frequent Urination: spending too much time in the loo is a very common symptom of pregnancy and a very annoying one! This intense need to pee has been giving me a hard time all these months. Wherever you go, you have to make sure that there will be a loo nearby!


Chapter “Baby kicking”:the moment I felt my baby move in my belly for the first time (at the 5th month) I was so moved and excited! Now he moves so much that we don’t have to touch my belly in order to feel him, we just look at my belly moving up and down any time of day! I sometimes get the feeling that he is running in there! It is a matter of genes!

Chapter “The Relativity of Sizes”: I constantly think that people around me are shrunk! I think that the whole world has lost weight. The bigger my belly gets, the thinner people look to my eyes!

9 και 1 σκέψεις για την εγκυμοσύνη - 10 thoughts about pregnancy

Chapter “It’s all worth it!”: despite all the difficulties, problems, unpleasant symptoms a pregnant woman may face, pregnancy is such a unique and blessed moment of our lives. I thank God for this great gift and pray that everything goes well and we will soon have our little prince in our arms!

The giveaway winners are Amalia Moustaki and Themis Skoufis. Send us your emails so that you receive your ebooks. Happy Sunday, dear friends!

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