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My writing process – Blog tour

Για το άρθρο στα Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ

Today we will be sharing a different post with you! No recipe, no cooking! Just…writing! A few weeks ago we were invited to take part in this “blog tour” by our friend Katarina. Here is her bio: “I’m Katarina, a food enthusiast and photographer. I love everything about food, from planning and creating to tasting and especially capturing its texture, flavour and soul. I’m a Finn living in Amsterdam since 2013. I lived in Singapore 2008-2013. I find the local food culture very inspiring and it has had an impact on my style as a food photographer.In addition to this photography & baking site, please check out my food blog which I started in October 2010.I have chosen some of my favourite photos to be available as prints. If you find your favourite from this site or my food blog that is not yet available in my store, let me know and I’ll fix it.”

Let’s get started, shall we?


1) What are we working on?

We are constantly working on the improvement of our blog. From the one hand by developing recipes, discovering new products, trying new flavors and from the other improving our food styling and photography. We want our “baby” to grow up and become as beautiful and useful as possible! We are also working on writing a book full of delicious and healthy recipes!

2) How does our work differ from others of its genre?

Unfortunately in Greece there are not many vegetarian blogs. Greek people are addicted to meat:( Our blog compared to greek food blogs in general has a unique identity: clean, fresh, healthy food. Simple and quick vegetarian and vegan recipes that are made with pure, whole ingredients and are good for you!

3) Why do we write what we do?

The reason for doing this is simple: we share the passion of cooking yummy healthy food! We want to show to people that healthy is not synonimous to boring or insipid! Healthy is delicious, vibrant colored and makes us feel good. We are not preachers of vegetarianism. Everybody can eat what one wants. But we want to show to people that we are not grazing grass! On the contrary we enjoy food and eat a vast variety of tasteful stuff! Our motto is “we are what we eat”, so we have to be careful with what fuel we give to our bodies! We would love to inspire people to eat in a healthier way and change their eating habits!

4) How does our writing process work?

Ideas come and go in our heads permanently! “There is an avocado in th fruit bowl staring at me. I have to make something with it!”, or “What if I transformed this ordinary dish to something new?”, or “I love these roses.I have to cook something today so that I will have these beauties in my pictures!”

And now the pen passes to sweet Martha who owns the blog Martha’s Kitchenette She is a lovely person whom loves communication, either through her blog, or through her profession (she is an actor) or through writing books. So next Monday stay tuned with her kitchenette!

Kisses from the Veggie Sisters!!!

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