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Για το άρθρο στα Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ


Goodmorning, our dear friends! This is my first post from our new home here in beautiful Crete, Greece. This will be our hometown for the next years since my husband and I have been transferred here due to work. We are familiar with the island and visit it twice a year for the last 15 years since my father in law is Cretan. The last few days have been really hard for us since we were trying to pack everything and get ready for our moving…The toughest thing though was saying goodbye to our beloved ones…
DSCN5828 It is hard to say goodbye to the people you have in your daily life by your side knowing that you won’t be seeing them for a long time…I am sure that I won’t lose them, I will just miss the contact, the warmth of their hugs! Thank God there is Skype so I will get to see their smile!
The hardest part of the farewells had to do with my family and my dear grandfather, my Mitsakos, whom I always loved deeply. He used to be such a clever, bright man, full of energy and strenght. But unfortunately he suffers from dementia and is no longer the same man…This is so sad! Maybe what it hurt me the most is that I know that he won’t come to visit us…
DSCN5845These past few days I felt overwhelmed with love, I cried all the time, but these were tears of joy and commotion. It is wonderful to have so many people by your side, people who really love you, care about you and support you! I want to thank each one of them for making our life more beautiful all these years and I would like to tell them that our new home here in Crete is open for them!
After saying goodbye to our family, friends and dogs we drove to Pireus and boarded on the ship to Heraklion. We currently stay at Eleni, my husbund’s godmother, a sweet lady that lives with her daughter, Lina waiting for our new house to be renovated. I thank them for their love and their hospitality. We enjoy sea, sun and long strolls by the beach every day! Living on an island is pure bliss. I just miss blogging and cooking! Can’t wait to come back!
I send you cretan kisses, friends! Take care!


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