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indexGood morning, dear readers! Today we are posting a compilation of recipes that were not destined to be posted! I will open my heart and my archives to you and go through some epic fails of mine! Thank God most of the times the dishes I make are worth posting but sometimes things don’t go as planned! So let’s see:


Green orange spongy tofu salad: this beautiful salad is yummy but these tofu cubes are absolutely inedible! Although I used herbs and marinated it, it was insipid and the texture was disgusting. If someone knows the secret to make tofu yummy, I would appreciate if he let me know!


Polenta with mushrooms and caramelized onions: The polenta layer was like a brick, but thank God the upper layer was absolutely yummy!DSC_0029

Soggy pesto cherry tomato cake: it was very yummy and we gladly ate it. But its texture was soggy, so I didn’t post the recipe.P1010930Super sour chinese cabbage salad: although I am a huge salad fan, I confess that I didn’t eat this one! So sour that I could not stand it!P1020442Mixed up salad: I had made a veggie tart and I decided to make a salad with the leftovers but the result was mediocre!DSC_0015

Veggies with soy sauce and many irrelevant spices: if you want to experiment with spices, you may fail, right? A very mediocre dish not worth posting…DSC_0008Unlucky coconut cake: this is such a pity. The cake was very yummy and definitely worth sharing BUT I lost the paper I had written the ingredients and quantities while making it. Dear coconut cake, I apologize for my unacceptable behavior. You were delicious!


The conclusion is that we all have our good and our bad moments! It is a pity I haven’t kept pics from my fig seed bars! They had no consistency and were hard to lift and eat. Ideal for dogs, at least they eat straight with the mouth! Hahaha! Happy Sunday, friends!

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