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Past moments of the blog that we ‘d like to forget!


Το άρθρο στα Ελληνικά εδώ

Today my friends, we won’t be cooking! We are in a mood of making a fool out of ourselves by writing a funny post about the past of this blog. It was founded in May, 2010 by Dimitra. Then I joined her back in February 2011. At first it contained recipes with meat/fish as well since my sister was omnivorous. In February 2014 we moved to The Veggie Sisters and became a vegetarian at first and later vegan blog. When we started, we had no idea about food styling and food photography. It ‘s easy to tell, if you have a look at our first photos which were awful! As time went by, we realized how important it was to present food in an appealing way, so we started trying to improve…So let’s have some fun and laugh at these unforgettable bad moments! Happy new week!

P1060798-1Σαλάτα ατάκτως ερριμένη με πλαίσιο από βαλσαμική κρέμα, ουάου!fava 001Φάβα μεσα στις σκιές κ την αντανάκλαση του μεσημεριανού φωτόςΚαρυδόπιταΦουλ του καφέ κ μίνιμαλ foodstyling!P3060837O θαμπός κεκλιμένος πύργος των cookiesP1030341Η ιπτάμενη σαλάταP1012094Τι κι αν έχει συννεφιά; Εγώ θα φωτογραφίσω στο Beverly Hills!Φραουλένια μαρμελάδαΝα διαφημίσουμε κ τον γρανίτη του πάγκου μας, έτσι;P6010046Χρωματική πανδαισία!

P7280908Σαλάτα συνυφασμένη με τη βοσκήP3281252Ένα βουνό κέικ κ ο φοίνικας!P8170241Οι ηλιόλουστες μπάρες!PB171350Το πορτομπέλο κ η επιφόιτηση του ηλεκτρικού ρεύματοςP4301372Σαλάτα χαμένη στη ζούγκλα!

If you have made it until here, you are a hero! We apologize for insulting your aesthetics!

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