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25η Μαρτίου-25th March


The 25th of March is a special day for us Greeks!We celebrate the declaration of the greek revolution, the beginning of the greek war of independence from Ottoman rule. The war lasted from 1821 to 1832 when Greece finally got its freedom after so many years of slavery(since 1453!). We also celebrate the Annunciation that is the anouncement by the angel Gabriel to Virgin Mary that she would conceive and become the mother of Jesus.

The song is written by a great writer and intellectual,Rigas Feraios, who tried to encourage greek people to fight for their freedom!

For how long, o brave young men, shall we live in fastnesses,
Alone, like lions, on the ridges in the mountains?
Shall we dwell in caves, looking out on branches,
Fleeing from the world on account of bitter serfdom?
Abandoning brothers, sisters, parents, homeland
Friends, children, and all of our kin?

Better one hour of free life,
Than forty years of slavery and prison.

Σύμη – Symi island
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