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Vegan lemon tart

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Good morning, dear friends! Last Saturday was my husband’s and my Nameday and we celebrated with a special dessert. Kostis made a delicious lemon tart! I fell in love with it at first bite! It is vegan, requires few simple ingredients. It is a refreshing, light and aromatic tart that I bet even chocolate lovers will enjoy it! You definitely have to give it a try! I am sure you will love it!

I would like to thank each one of you for your wishes and kind words about our Nameday. You are really sweet! Thank you from the bottom of our heart! Take care, people! Have a wonderful week!

Νηστίσιμη τάρτα λεμονιού
Νηστίσιμη τάρτα λεμονιού

Ingredients (for a 22 cm tart pan):
for the crust:
300 gr. all purpose flour, sieved
120 gr. vegan butter at room temperature
3 Tbsp sugar
4 Tbsp cold water
1 tsp vanilla extract
for the filling:
250 ml soy milk
juice and zest of 2 medium sized lemons
2 Tbsp all purpose flour
2 Tbsp corn flour
4 Tbsp powdered sugar (plus more for topping)
25 gr. vegan butter

Νηστίσιμη τάρτα λεμονιού
Νηστίσιμη τάρτα λεμονιού

For the crust: In a bowl place flour. Make a hole in the middle and add butter cut to pieces and sugar. Knead the ingredients with your hands until butter is absorbed. Pour the water. Knead the dough and shape it into a ball. Cover the dough with a plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for an hour. When the filling is ready, roll dough and transfer to the tart pan.
For the filling: In a bowl combine half of the milk with lemon juice, flour and corn flour. In a sauce pan heat the rest of the milk with sugar and zest. Then add the flour mixture into the saucepan, add the butter and stir. When it comes to a boil, remove from heat and allow to cool for 5-10 minutes, stir it from time to time.  Empty the filling onto the crust and bake in preheated oven at 180C for about 40′. Remove from the oven and be patient until it cools. Cut, sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve. Enjoy!

Νηστίσιμη τάρτα λεμονιού
Νηστίσιμη τάρτα λεμονιού