Delicious strawberry recipes roundup

Για την συνταγή στα Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ  Good morning, dear friends! It is strawberry season, so we picked 10 of our recipes and we poast them so that you get a little inspiration! We hope we will tempt you to make them and we would be glad to receive pics of your creations! Kisses everyone! […]

Best desserts roundup

Για την συλλογή στα Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ We say goodbye to 2014 in a sweet way! We present you the very best desserts of the year:tarts, cakes, truffles, cookies for those who have a sweet tooth like us! We hope that you have a great time tonight!May 2015 bring you happiness, health, serenity and may […]

Salads roundup

Για την συλλογή στα Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ Our dear friends, today we post a roundup of our favorite salads. You must have known by now how much we love this dish! So here you have a list of ten popular salads. Try to pick one and make it! We will be back tomorrow with a […]