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Sugarfree strawberry jam

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Good morning, lovelies! A few days ago I posted my first sugarfree jam. I liked it and I noticed that you liked it too! A few days later our dear reader, Christina Vaggeli, asked us to make a sugarfree strawberry jam. So here it is! It is yummy and ideal not only for spreading on bread but also for using it in desserts!

Kisses and hugs! Have a lovely week, guys!

Μαρμελάδα φράουλα χωρίς ζάχαρη
Μαρμελάδα φράουλα χωρίς ζάχαρη

Ingredients (yields 2 small jars):
750 gr. strawberries
6 Tbsp (75 gr.) stevia 1/3
1/2 Tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp agar agar
4 fresh mint leaves


Wash and finely chop strawberries. Place them in a large pot, bring them to a boil on medium heat, add fresh mint and keep stirring with a wooden laddle. There is no need to pour water. Just keep it on medoum heat and keep stirring. After 10 minutes add stevia, stir so that it dissolves. After 5 minutes add agar aga and then lemon juice.Stir for a while. Cooking time is almost 20 minutes. Remove from heat and empty hot jam in sterilised jars. Turn them upside down. When cold, store in the fridge. Enjoy!