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Refreshing fennel salad

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Δροσερή σαλάτα με φινόκιο - Refreshing fennel salad
Δροσερή σαλάτα με φινόκιο – Refreshing fennel salad 
Good morning everybody! Spring has finally come and summer is about to beginn! My mood gets better daybyday, since in a few days I will be spendig endless hours on the amazing beaches of Zakinthos (Zante), sunbathing under the warm sun and just looking the immense blue…Can you think of any thing better? Living in an island, summer everyday life turns to endless holiday! Every single day when I finish work at school, I go home, wear my bathing suite and then go to the wonderful beaches o Zakinthos and stay there until sunset!  Swimming means getting rid of stress, negative thoughts and relaxing in a magical way! There is no better way to kick stress off than the contact with nature and especially the sea. My wishful thinking is to buy a house by the beach sometime, but the minister of eduction will not help me realise my dream!(considering pay cuts)…I am not complaining anyway, because I am an optimistic and grateful person! So I thank God for being appointed in such a paradise like this island….
Let’s cut to the chase and talk about today’s recipe! Since I have given up meat for 12 years  I constantly try to use my imagination and discover new ingredients or combinations! Salad is my domain and I have made hundreds of them! So here you are: a yummy, easy salad, ideal for the warm days to come! I have used fennel in this salad for the first time and was thrilled by its fine taste!Have a nice weekend everybody full of beautiful pictures! Kisses from my islandJ))
1 Iceberg
10 Cherry tomatoes (halved)
1 Carrot1 zucchini

1 Fennel bulb

1 scallion

Sesame3 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp balsamic cream

In a large bowl place all ingredients, stir well and pour the dressing (olive oil mixed with balsamic cream). Then serve salad on a shallow dish and sprinkle with sesame.
The addition of raw zucchini in a salad makes it really refreshing! You can use balsamic cream to garnish your dish as I did!
Δροσερή σαλάτα με φινόκιο - Refreshing fennel salad
Δροσερή σαλάτα με φινόκιο – Refreshing fennel salad