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Plum crumble

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Good morning, my dear friends! Today is a typical fall day here in Zakynthos! They sky is grey, loaded with heavy clouds and we are expecting thunderstorms! The thing that I love about living in the nature is that I get to see its whims…I consider it a blessing to have the chance to admire the waves in the sea, the thunders, the sunrise etc Now that I am pregnant and my hormones have gone crazy, I get very emotional! Let’s move on to the recipe now! As I have already told you our plum tree was very productive this summer. So I made quite a few times this delicious and simple plum crumble which is ideal for breakfast or for your sweet cravings.

Happy weekend everybody! Kisses and hugs!

Δαμάσκηνα με ψιχουλιαστή ζύμη (crumble) - Plum crumble
Δαμάσκηνα με ψιχουλιαστή ζύμη

Ingredients for a medium baking dish:
4 cups plums, diced
3/4 cups oat flakes
1/2 whole wheat flour
1/2 cup+1/2 cup coconut sugar
2 1/2 Tbsp vegan butter
1 vanilla bean

Δαμάσκηνα με ψιχουλιαστή ζύμη
Δαμάσκηνα με ψιχουλιαστή ζύμη

In a slightly greased baking dish lay the plums, sprinkle with half the sugar. With a knife halve vanilla bean lengthwise and crape seeds into the plums. In a bowl combine the rest of the sugar, flour, oats and cinammon. Then add butter and work with your hands until crumbly. Spread this crumbly dough over the plums. Bake in preheated oven at 180 C for about 45 or until gloden brown and until the plums are cooked. Enjoy!
Note: you’d better cover the dish with aluminium foil and halfway through remove it.

Δαμάσκηνα με ψιχουλιαστή ζύμη
Δαμάσκηνα με ψιχουλιαστή ζύμη