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Good morning, dear friends! Happy February! Today we are making cookies! Lemon cookies with poppy seeds! They are so fresh and aromatic! Of course they are vegan, light and super easy to make! I have a thing with lemons lately! I think I am obsessed. When I realized that there is no lemon cookies in the blog, I decided to make one immediately! So we ended up with this recipe last weekend! I love developing recipes with my hubby. Our baby boy is staring at us while we are cooking. Cant wait for him to grow up so that he can join us and we can cook altogether. That will be lots of fun, right? He constantly sees his parents running and cooking, so I wonder if he will take up our hobbies too! Who knows? Only time will tell…

We paired the cookies with the cream of this vegan lemon cheesecake and it was such a lovely combo! I will be waiting for your feedback. I am sure you will love these crunchy lemony aromatic cookies! Have a lovely weekend everyone! Kisses!!!!!!


Ingredients (yields 60):
330 gr. all purpose flour
100 gr. oat flakes Bauckhof
100 gr. sunflower oil
80 gr. lemon juice + zest
110 gr. agave syrup Biona
1/2 tsp baking soda
10 gr. baking powder
1 Tbsp poppy seeds



In a bowl combine flour with oats and baking powder. In another bowl combine oil with agave syrup and zest. Then combine the dry ingredients with the wet ones. In a bowl pour lemon juice and add soda. There will be bubbles. Don’t worry. Pour this into the rest of the ingredients, add poppy seeds and work the dough with your hands until well combined. Roll out the dough into a 0,5 cm thick sheet. Cut dough into cookies with cookie cutters. Lay them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake in preheated fan oven at 160C for about 15 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from the oven and put on a rack until cool. Store them in an airtight container! Enjoy!