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Easy strawberry chia seed jam

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Good morning, dear friends! The weather is cloudy and it keeps raining all the time here in Zakynthos. This means that we cant go for a walk with our baby boy and we have to stay at home…Anyway, I don’t complain, at least I have good company! The other day I bought some strawberries, my favourite spring fruit. I wanted to make a chocolatey dessert and my hubby suggested to make a strawberry sauce to accompany it. He was so right! I will be posting the dessert soon! But now I present you the easiest strawberry jam ever! Just 3 ingredients and no cooking required! How does that sound? It is awesome and can be used either as a jam or as a sauce! Happy weekend everyone!

Easy strawberry chia seed jam
Easy strawberry chia seed jam

Ingredients (for a small bowl):
1 cup strawberries (125 gr.)
1 Tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp agave/maple syrup or honey (for non vegans)

Put all ingredients in a blender and pulse until smooth. Transfer in a small jar and store in the fridge to set. Enjoy!

Easy strawberry chia seed jam
Easy strawberry chia seed jam