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Πένες με μανιτάρια αλά κρεμ
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Creamy mushroom penne

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Πένες με μανιτάρια αλά κρεμ
Πένες με μανιτάρια αλά κρεμ

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Good morning, dear friends! I am super excited about the recipe I am sharing with you today! As I have already told you a thousand of times, we are huge pasta fans! So whenever I come up with a new pasta recipe, it is a reason fr celebration in our house! Today we are making penne with mushrooms (oh, God, I just love them!), cooked in a pink creamy sauce made with soy cream and tomato juice. This dish tastes amazing! It is very filling too! As I have confessed to you in the past, whenever we eat pasta, we devour 1/2 kg! But this one was very filling, we ate only 250 gr. and the rest of t was our lunch the next day. It kept weel in the fridge. I heated the leftovers on medium heat with some milk and it was delicious! Try it and let me know how you liked it!

Happy new week! Kisses and hugs!

Πένες με μανιτάρια αλά κρεμ
Πένες με μανιτάρια αλά κρεμ

Ingredients (serves 4):
500 gr. penne
450 gr. white mushrooms, sliced
10 gr. dried porcini
200 ml soy cream
1/3 cup soy milk
500 gr. tomato juice
1 big onion, finely chopped
fresh sage leaves
1 tsp sweet paprika
salt and pepper

Πένες με μανιτάρια αλά κρεμ

Soak porcini in the milk for 2 hours. Then drain them, finely chop them and set aside. In a non sticking pan cook mushrooms and onion. After 10 minutes pour the tomato juice and sage leaves and cook on medium heat. When they are ready,add soy cream, season with salt, pepper and paprika and allow to cook for another 5 minutes. Before removing from heat pour olive oil. In the meantime cook pasta according to package instructions. Drain them and put them in the pot with thesauce. Stir until well coatedand serve. Enjoy!