Delicious strawberry recipes roundup

Για την συνταγή στα Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ  Good morning, dear friends! It is strawberry season, so we picked 10 of our recipes and we poast them so that you get a little inspiration! We hope we will tempt you to make them and we would be glad to receive pics of your creations! Kisses everyone! […]

Ideas for the Clean Monday table

Good morning, dear friends! Clean Monday is the first day of Great Lent in the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches. The term refers to the leaving behind of sinful attitudes and non-fasting foods. Clean Monday is a public holiday in Greece, where it is celebrated with outdoor excursions, the consumption of fasting food and the widespread custom of flying kites. (wikipedia). So […]

The most popular recipes of 2015

Κολασμένο κέικ σοκολάτα πορτοκάλι με σάλτσα σοκολάτας- Scrumptious chocolate orange cake with chocolate sauce The year is about to end and we decided to present to you the most popular recipes we have posted during 2015. Stay tuned cause tomorrow we will post the last recipe of the year! It is sweet and decadent! Have […]

Ιδέες για το γιορτινό τραπέζι

Ideas for the festive table

Για την συλλογή στα Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ   Today we present a compilation of recipes which are ideal for the festive table. Salads, appetizers, main dishes and desserts! All of them are vegan, healthy, delicious and easy to make. We hope that in this way we will help you to organize a fantastic Christmas dinner! […]

School round up

Vegan school snacks

Για την συλλογή στα Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ Dear friends, today we have a delicious roundup dedicated to our kids! We have gathered some recipes of ours that are ideal for school snack! So here you are: 12 vegan tasteful and healthy snacks that your kids will love! The giveaway winners are Zoi Makri and sotiris. […]

Λαχταριστά νηστίσιμα παγωτά

Vegan ice cream round up vol.2

Goodmorning, dear friends! As we had promised you in a previous post, we are sharing with you today the second part of our  vegan ice cream roundup! So many wonderful recipes, so many tasteful ice creams! It is hard to pick which one you would love to make first! Happy Sunday! Take care of yourselves! […]

ice cream round up

Vegan ice cream round up vol.1

At the beginning of the summer I had promised you that I had the intention to make at least 8 vegan icecreams! Sorry, but until now I have only posted 4! I am not a bad girl who doesn’t keep her promises! Haha! But moving to another city has turned our life upside down and […]