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Pasta - Rice - Grains Salads

Arugula cous cous salad

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Για την συνταγή στα Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ

Good morning, friends! The weather has been really gloomy lately here in Patras, Greece. It has been raining for a many days! But we won’t let this dark weather spoil our mood! We cook with joy and create a new yummy and healthy dish full of mediterranean flavours and colours!  yoleni’s online delicatessen has new arrivals of delicious high quality products. Check them out! I love shopping online because you don’t care about the bad weather! So easy and quick! Just a click and everything will be delivered at your doorstep!

Kisses and hugs!

Σαλάτα με κους κους και ρόκα
Σαλάτα με κους κους και ρόκα

Ingredients (serves 4):

1 cup «Agrozimi» handmade couscous
2 1/2 Tbsp «Amvrosia Gourmet» sun-dried tomato spread
1 small zucchini, finely grated
1/2 carrot, finely grated
1 Tbsp pine nuts
1 Tbsp «Santo” capers
1tsp «Driskas» garlic pulp with olive oil
half  garlicky peppers 
70 gr. baby arugula
20  Unsalted Aegina pistachios (PDO) , chopped
«Astarti» Whole grain barley rusks, crumbled
2Tbsp «Vasilakis Estate» extra virgin olive oil
Cretan Herbs green peppercorn
«Threpsi» sea salt in flakes

Σαλάτα με κους κους και ρόκα
Σαλάτα με κους κους και ρόκα

Cook cous cous according to package instructions. Drain cous cous, put it in a bowl and combine it with olive oil, garlic pulp and sundried tomato spread. Add capper, pine nuts, roasted pepper, arugula. Season with salt and pepper. Mix well. Top with pistachios and rusks. Serve and enjoy!

You could use this mixture as filling in portobello mushrooms, top them with rusks and pistachios (so that you get a nice crust) and bake them for 25 minutes at 200C.