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Πιπεριές γεμιστές με πλιγούρι
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Βulgur stuffed peppers

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Good morning, my dear friends! There is no doubt that summer is the best season for vegetables. Here in Greece we have plenty of them! One of our typical dishes is «gemista», that is veggies(peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini) stuffed with rice. Today we are making a new version of gemista. We will replace rice with bulgur and many other yummy products by Yoleni’s. Bulgur is a grain packed with nutrients: rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins. It also has a lower glycemic index and can perfectly replace rice. So let’s cook with Yoleni’s!

Take care, my dear friends!

Πιπεριές γεμιστές με πλιγούρι
Πιπεριές γεμιστές με πλιγούρι

12 peppers of various colours
1 cup «Agrozimi» bulgur wheat
1 red onion
2 tsp  «Driskas» garlic pulp with olive oil
12 «Spitiki» semi sun-dried cherry tomatoes
15γρ«Dirfys» dried porcini mushrooms (+1/2 cup white wine for soaking)
1/4 cup fresh basil
1/4 cup fresh mint
2 small zucchini
2 Tbsp pine nuts
3 Tbsp «Spitiki» tomato puree
2 Tbsp of the wine porcini were soaked in
2 Tbsp  «Poliana Gourmet» olive oil with wild thyme
Sea salt flakes from Kythira island

Πιπεριές γεμιστές με πλιγούρι
Πιπεριές γεμιστές με πλιγούρι

Soak bulgur in lukewarm water for 30 minutes. Taste to see if it needs more soaking.  «Agrozimi» bulgur wheat is a high quality bulgur and was just fine after 1/2 hour. Soak mushrooms in wine. Wash peppers and cut off. Remove seeds. Coat them with olive oil and bake in preheated oven at 180 C for 20 minutes until soft. In a food processor blend soaked mushrooms, semi sundried tomatoes, garlic pulp, onion, basil, mint, zucchinis, pine nuts. Combine this mixture with bulgur. Add tomato puree, olive oil, 2Tbsp wine, salt and pepper. Stir until well combined. Stuff peppers with the filling and bake at 180C for 30 minutes. If you have some filling left, put it in muffin tins and bake for 30  minutes at 180C. Allow to cool before removing from tins. Enjoy!

Πιπεριές γεμιστές με πλιγούρι
Πιπεριές γεμιστές με πλιγούρι
Πιπεριές γεμιστές με πλιγούρι
Πιπεριές γεμιστές με πλιγούρι